MFC Anthem


When our beloved Middle Finger Club was strong as horsepiss they bought off the original version of our Animal Liberation/Human Castration song from us. We rewritten the riffs, puked up some new lyrics and invited Mr. Lörd Hellcrust to hammer it out. Mr. Hellcrust at that time had absolutely no clue how he fucked up his life when offered his services which then become a lifelong covenant between him and the band. He regrets it although it’s too late now.


Szabi Kálmánfi and Áron Kiss Benedek spent a whole day with us filming our everyday human forms, then they edited the whole shit into this lovely videoclip.


The clip escaped to the empty abyss in the last 18 months but someone has found it therefore we are proudly, unmasteredly, uneditedly present it UP YOUR ARSE!



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